Accommodation / Price list

In Nyyssänniemi you can now stay in the Tentsile Tree Tent or in the magnificent Aurorahut glass igloo!

Accommodation and additional services

In Camping Nyyssänniemi you can stay in a cottage, Tentsile Tree Tent, Aurorahut glass igloo, tent or your caravan. Our camping place is located in Central Finland, in beautiful Keuruu.
Our campsite contains a covered cooking shelter. Here you can prepare your food on fire, on an electric stove or in a microwave. Here you can also wash your dishes. You can also enjoy a barbecue and dine underneath the covered space.
There is a service building with 6 toilets each with a shower. Here you can also find sorting for household trash, waste collection (septic tanks) and grey water collection.

You can also book a cozy lakeside sauna with a private beach (bookings via phone call or at the reception). Other activities include for example SUP-boards and canoes for rent, minigolf and beach volleyball court.

Daily opening hours

Monday 09-22

Tuesday 09-22

Wednesday 09-22

Thursday 09-22

Friday 09-22(02)

Saturday 09-22(02)

Sunday 09-22


Nyyssänniemi has 22 cottages. Each cottage can accommodate four people in two bunk beds. In the cottage there are a fridge and microwave.
Cottages 9, 10, 11, 20, 21 and 22 can also accommodate pets.
Price from: 55 € / day


We have 45 caravan pitches with the electricity.
Price from: 16 € / day


The size of the camping area is 5 hectares, so it is big enough for many campers.
Price from: 15 € / day

Tentsile Tree Tents

Tentsile Stingray 3-person tree tent.
Have a unique nature experience by sleeping in a tent stretched out between trees, in a Tensile Stingray tree tent.
On a clear night, you can look up at the heavenly skies and the stars and be in the warmth of your sleeping bag before drifting off to sleep. The sheer and transparent shell will protect you from mosquitoes and other flying insects. Not only that, but you will also be protected from wind and showers under the rain blocker.
A tree tent is a great place to imagine yourself being a meteorite in the heavens and feel how small you are in the universe. Observing nature from this perspective will give you a whole new outlook on the great outdoors, allowing you to let go of all the challenges and hustle and bustle of everyday life, giving you peace of mind.
Book your time, starting in the afternoon, and leave your troubles behind. Come, try and enjoy an experience unlike anything you’ve ever had before!
Price from: 60 € / night, max 3 pers / tent

AuroraHut Igloo

Camping Nyyssänniemi offers the most fabulous summertime lodging experience by the lakeshore in Nyyssäniemi!
Ecological luxury lodging in the central Finnish municipality of Keuruu amidst the backdrop of gorgeous Lake Keurusselkä – a floating igloo with a double bed and panoramic views, your own deck, kitchen, refrigerator, coffeemaker.
You can book an AuroraHut Igloo all year round!
Price from: 189 € / night, includes bedding, towels and breakfast.
ravintola Nyyssis

Restaurant Nyyssis

You can book our restaurant for birthdays and other festive occasions!